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Current Issue

January-April 2020| Vol 3| Issue 1


New and improved platelet-rich fibrin membranes

After the publication of Alb-CGF (Albumin + Concentrated Growth Factors) in our journal,[1] other studies began to be developed, for example, evaluation of biocompatibility and demonstrating a n...

Review Article

One hundred years after Vitamin D discovery: Is there clinical evidence for supplementation doses?

In the last decade, an increasing awareness was directed to the role of Vitamin D in nonskeletal and preventive roles for chronic diseases in different fields. Vitamin D deficiency was reported in m...

Original Article

Effect of Vitamin D3on nonmelanoma skin cancer cells: A comparative in vitro study

Background: The use of Vitamin D3, as an alternative drug, combined with common therapeutic strategies to treat nonmelanoma skin cancers, has recently attracted attention. However,...

Case Report

Using extracted teeth as a novel graft material in atrophic ridge augmentation: A report of two cases with histology and cone-beam computed tomography

After a dental extraction procedure, the extracted teeth are discarded disregarding their properties as an excellent graft material. The use of extracted teeth as a graft material was first perform...

Case Report

Socket preservation using demineralized tooth graft: A case series report with histological analysis

Purpose: The aim of the study is to histologically evaluate new bone formation in extraction sockets augmented with autologous demineralized dentin bone (ADDB). Materials and Methods: ...

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